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Clubs and Circles

Yamanashi Gakuin University has more than 80 clubs and circles.We have many student clubs, both sports and arts-related. Joining a club is a great opportunity for domestic students and international students to get to know one another. New students typically join clubs at the start of the academic year in April, but many clubs welcome new members all year round.

Athletic Clubs/Teams

Wrestling, Skate, Rugby, Track and Field ,Field Hockey, Judo, Swimming, Baseball, Tennis, Softball, Basketball, Karatedo, Soccer, Golf, Volleyball, Cheerleader, Shorinji Kempo, Table Tennis, Ski, Kendo (Japanese Fencing), Kyudo (Japanese Archery), Youth Hostel, Badminton, Handball, Mountaineering, American Football, Dance etc,

Cultural Clubs

Entertainment, Literature, Photography, Archeology, Volunteer, Animation, Foods science, Go / Shogi, Wind Brass Ensemble, Classical Performing Arts, Athletic Trainer etc,