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Founding Principles

  • The school upholds the Japanese spirit as its guiding principle
  • The school upholds the cultivation of national leaders as its mission
  • The school upholds the pursuit of virtue as its ideal

Education Philosophy and Education Goal

Education Philosophy

Yamanashi Gakuin University aims to nurture individuals who have the ability to create an ideal future through the application of creativity and enterprise and who possess a broad international perspective in addition to immediately applicable knowledge and skills.

Education Goal

Nurture the “skills needed for leading life in confidence and courage”

“Skills needed for leading life in confidence and courage”

  • Ability to set goals
  • Ability to sustain effort
  • Ability to transform challenges into opportunities for growth
Model Graduate Whom YGU Aims to Nurture
“Individual Who Creates an Ideal Future”

Foundation of Yamanashi Gakuin University’s Education Initiatives

Model Graduate Education Plan / Model Graduate to Nurture - Individual Who Creates an Ideal Future / “Thinking and Action” - Critical Thinking and Creative Action / “Diversity and Encounters” - Diversity and Inclusion Encounters on Campus / “Entrepreneurial Spirit” - Challenge to Change the Future Challenge to Change
  • “Entrepreneurial Spirit”
    Company, organization, community
    Challenge to Change
    Challenge to make a better future
  • “Thinking and Action”
    Critical Thinking
    Nurture the ability to look at things from multiple perspectives
    Creative Action
    Actions that improve the organization
  • “Diversity and Encounters”
    Diversity and Inclusion
    Very international and diverse in nature
    Encounters on Campus
    Encounters with like-minded friends and career models