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Experience stunning nature and authentic Japanese culture in Yamanashi

Yamanashi is more than just a place to live and study.
Japan's most iconic symbol, Mt.Fuji, welcomes you every day at school.
You can immerse yourself in Japanaese culture in Yamanashi Prefecture.

Campus in One Central Location

Ranging from preschool children to students in university, all generations gather here at the Sakaori Campus in Yamanashi.This allows all the world-class facilities to be availabe to everyone at Yamanashi Gakuin. It also promotes collaboration between the schools and facilitates experiential learning opportunities.

Kofu city,Yamanashi

Yamanashi is located in central Japan, just two hours away from Tokyo by train. Kofu, the captial city of Yamanashi Prefecture, is the home of Yamanashi Gakuin. You can visit many Japanese cultural and natural wonders in Kofu, including Shosenkyo Gorge, hot springs, temples, shrines and Japanese castles.

  • Takeda Shrine

    Dedicated to Shingen Takeda, one of the most famous warlords of the samurai era.

  • Sakaori-no-Miya Shrine

    A Shinto shrine whose name is mentloned in the Kojiki, the oldest chronicle of Japan.

  • Mt.Fuji

    One of Japan's three holy mountains and an object of worship through the ages.

  • Mitake Shosenkyo Gorge

    One of Japan's most beautiful gorges, a nationally designated place of scenic beauty.

  • Wineries

    Kofu is Japan's most noted region for wine production and where wine making first began in Japan.

Yamanashi is a neighboring prefecture of Tokyo and is easily accessible from the metropolitan area. Yamanashi is endowed with rich nature, and is famous for beautiful mountains like Mt. Fuji which was recognized as a World Heritage site in 2013 by UNESCO.

Yamanashi is a proud producer of grapes and wine, boasting the largest production in Japan. The areas is also well known for cherries, peaches, and a variety of fresh and flavorful agricultural products.

You can enjoy a wide range of activities in Yamanashi, such us skiing, mountain trekking, unique hot springs, wineries, and visiting many historical temples and shrines.

Kofu City, the capital city of Yamanashi Prefecture, was founded in 1519. The city’s population is 186,438. (as of April 2021). Kofu city experiences all four seasons, from hot summers and an average maximum temperature of 35℃ in August, to winters with an average low of -3℃ in January.