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Admission Policy (for 2021)

As of June 1, 2020

Graduate School of Social Science

The Graduate School of Social Science is looking for individuals who:

  • Currently work in fields that address topics such as public policy and industrial economy, and seek to undertake studies to further develop themselves in these fields.
  • Possess the desire to organize and integrate their practical experience from a higher perspective, and raise questions that may be beneficial to their fields.
  • Wish to acquire specialized knowledge and skills required for working professionals.
  • Wish to conduct in-depth research in their academic or professional field in order to contribute to their future career.

Those who seek to enroll and conduct research at the Graduate School of Social Science should not only have a strong desire for research, a clear understanding of their objectives and future plans, but also the fundamental abilities to carry out their studies.

Department of Law, Faculty of Law

The Faculty of Law seeks individuals who possess the following abilities and attitudes that align with the Faculty of Law’s educational philosophy and goals.

1.Fundamental knowledge and skills

Through courses covered by senior high school education such as Japanese, mathematics, and foreign languages, potential students should have basic capability in reading comprehension, reasoning, and communication. Through courses like civics education, geography, and history, students should have a basic grasp on topics such as modern society, social structure, and human rights.

2.Ability to think, make decisions, and express oneself

Students should be able to detect problems from current events, and gather relevant information to produce a logical explanation that addresses the problem based on the findings.

3.Independent, multifaceted, and cooperative traits

Students are expected to have learned and engaged with a wide range of people from school, classes, student clubs, and volunteer activities. Moreover, students are encouraged to further their learning by obtaining qualifications, deepen their studies in the Faculty of Law, and gain a variety of experience both on and off campus to contribute to the society.

Department of Business Administration, Faculty of Business Administration

The Faculty of Business Administration’s goal is to produce talented individuals who are able to engage in a wide range of fields, and are trusted by others as a contributor of regional economies. Therefore, the Faculty seeks students who have the essential academic ability to support a high level of intellectual curiosity.

1.Fundamental knowledge and skills

Students should possess the basic knowledge required by university education. Specifically, Japanese (reading comprehension and composition), mathematics (logic and calculation), geography, history, and civics (understanding of the society).

2.Ability to think, make decisions, and express oneself

Apart from personal interest, students should have the ability to analyze problems and express their thoughts in order to support their university studies, which may include corporate analysis, regional improvement, and internship.

3.Independent, multifaceted, and cooperative traits

Students should be interested in a wide range of fields, be motivated to learn, and deepen their learning by communicating with university staffs, fellow students, and working professionals.

Department of Nutrition, Faculty of Health and Nutrition

The Faculty of Health and Nutrition seeks students who possess the basic scientific knowledge that is crucial for understanding diet and health. The ability to gather, comprehend, and analyze data that facilitate nutrition and food service management will be important.

1.Fundamental knowledge and skills

In addition to basic reading comprehension, students should have basic knowledge in subjects that are important to learning about health improvement, disease prevention, and nutrition support like biology, chemistry, and mathematics,

2.Ability to think, make decisions, and express oneself

Students should be able to collect and analyze data to produce a valid proposal in regards to diet and health. In other words, the ability to think, evaluate, and describe one’s thoughts in a logical manner is highly desired.

3. Independent, multifaceted, and cooperative traits

Students should have a strong commitment to working and learning in the fields of health, medical care, education, welfare, and nursing. They should also be ambitious, and aim to contribute to the society by understanding regional issues.

Department of International Liberal Arts, International College of Liberal Arts (iCLA)

In order to produce active global talents fluent in both Japanese and English who embrace different cultures, the International College of Liberal Arts seeks the following qualities in students:

  1. Motivated and hardworking
  2. Able to demonstrate academic potential and success
  3. Open-minded, curious, and able to think critically and flexibly
  4. Possesses the level of English proficiency that is required at the iCLA
1.Fundamental knowledge and skills

Due to the fact that most courses are taught in English, students are expected to have senior high school level English upon entry. Students should have also studied Japanese, mathematics, science, civics, geography, and history to be prepared for the wide range of courses covered at the iCLA.

2.Ability to think, make decisions, and express oneself

In addition to being able to express ideas in writing and orally in both Japanese and English, Students should also have the ability to think critically, creatively, independently, and globally.

3.Independent, multifaceted, and cooperative traits

To excel in the international community, students should be curious toward different cultures, and be able to work and resolve problems collectively with people from diverse backgrounds.

Department of Sport Science, Faculty of Sport Science

The Faculty of Sport Science seeks the following qualities in students:

  1. Possesses the academic and athletic abilities that tie into university studies
  2. Able to grasp, evaluate, and express current issues in sports, physical education, and health
  3. Able to work with others to accomplish the tasks below;

(1)Enhance competitive and athletic abilities through classes and sports clubs
(2)Acquire the knowledge and skills of sports science (teaching, research, scientific support, management, etc.) through classes and sports clubs
(3)Apply academic learnings in various sports fields both within Japan and abroad