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Admission Information

Entrance examination categories

As of June 1, 2020

Comprehensive Entrance Examination

The Comprehensive Entrance Examination is designed for students who already have a clear idea of what they want to accomplish in university. Through looking back on your high school days, attending open campus events, and studying various university info, discover what you want to do and assert yourself!

Entrance Examination by Recommendation

Since you are applying under the recommendation of your high school, it is important to demonstrate what you have learned in school. Be sure to pay attention to how your volunteer and club activities will affect your application!

General Entrance Examination (Individual)

This examination focuses on your academic knowledge. In addition to written exams, your achievement on your high school transcript will also be evaluated.

General Entrance Examination (Common)

Performance on the Central University Entrance Exam, implemented starting 2021, will be the primary deciding factor for this category. A 50% off all tuition and fees scholarship examination will be available to applicants to the Law and Business Administration Departments.

Admission criteria


The admission decision is based on the results of application document review and entrance examinations. The admission policy of the departments and each entrance examination also play an important factor in the decision.


The admission decision is made holistically through the results of the academic achievement test, interview, and document review. When a certificate of language proficiency is submitted, it will also be taken into account.