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Admission Information

Entrance examination categories

As of July 1, 2019

AO entrance examination

The AO (Admission Office) entrance examination evaluates applicants’ aptitude, motivation, sense of purpose, etc. comprehensively through meticulous document review and interview. The document review checks for the applicants’ knowledge, skill, and attitude toward learning by assessing their intra and extracurricular activities and participation in social activities such as volunteering. The interview evaluates the applicants’ interpersonal skills and readiness for university education. Problem solving skills and the required ability to think, make decisions, and express ideas are also assessed. (The AO entrance exam is not implemented by the Faculty of Health and Nutrition)

Examination for special recommendation candidates

For applicants with a recommendation from their senior high school principal, the examination for special recommendation candidates uses document evaluation, oral exam, interview, and written exam (requirements differ across faculties) to determine an applicant’s suitability. Anyone can submit an application if the requirements are met.

General entrance examination

The general entrance examination uses document review and an academic achievement test to determine if an applicant is accepted or not. For the academic achievement test, applicants may select the subjects they would like to be tested on (except for the International College of Liberal Arts), but the combination of subjects may be different depending on the faculties.
In addition to the document review and academic achievement test, an interview is also required for those applying to the International College of Liberal Arts.

National Center Test for University Admissions

Applicants may also use the test conducted by the National Center for University Entrance Examinations to apply for admission and scholarship. It is possible to combine the entrance examination with the scholarship examination, and receive a 50% deduction in entrance fees and tuition.


Application Fee

AO exam 35,000 yen
Exam for special recommendation candidates 35,000 yen
General entrance exam 35,000 yen
National Center for University Entrance Examinations and scholarship examination 10,000 yen

* Although these are standard price, it may be discounted depending on the terms of the application.

Admission criteria


The admission decision is based on the results of application document review and entrance examinations. The admission policy of the departments and each entrance examination also play an important factor in the decision.


The admission decision is made holistically through the results of the academic achievement test, interview, and document review. When a certificate of language proficiency is submitted, it will also be taken into account.